3 things to avoid this Hot Summer

“How nice would our evening had been if he only had some type of cooling system to make the living area more comfortable.  It was so hot, we couldn’t even enjoy the glass of wine and after that the beer got warm before I could even drink it.     (the humidity was pretty high inside even with the windows open!) I started thinking, what are 3-things-to-avoid-this-hot-summer.

Then it dawned on me, here I am offering ductless mini splits, but there’s probably a handful of people who don’t even know this type of cooling system exists! (like my friend who I just assumed knew about them).

So, let me ask you… did you know you can have a Cooling system installed that

  • Doesn’t require air ducting
  • Can both COOL & HEAT depending on the weather
  • Doesn’t cost you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in expensive equipment
  • Can be installed in a day (in 99% of the cases)
  • Is High Efficient and Energy Saving
  • Costs Less than Most Apple Computers!

Yup, if you can afford a laptop, you can buy a Ductless Cooling System for less than $2K! And you get a 100% Money Back Guarantee the day of the install if you decide you still want to suffer the Summer Heat or it just isn’t the right product for you! 

So again 3 things to avoid this hot summer

Sure you can try to buy one online and have it shipped to you from some unknown dealer. You’ll have to figure out where to install it, identify if what you bought is the right electrical connection for your home, find the right size for the space you want to cool down, make sure the outdoor unit fits in the space outside,

THEN you’ll have to find someone to install it properly UNLESS you have a vacuum pump, Digital Manometer Gauges, Refrigerant hoses, refrigerant tank, Volt meter, Electronic Thermometer, Electrical testing equipment, Brazing Torches, digital refrigerant scale, and a series of other tools to cut through the wall for the penetrations and then sealing experience.  IF you have all these tools + the necessary skills to install a piece of hvac equipment (not to mention an Environmental Protection Agency License and training to handle Refrigerants), then by all means we can even sell the equipment to you….(frees up our time to spend at soccer practice!)

BUT Let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t want to do the work, I understand! So let my team and I handle the installation for you, kinda like your personal Chef doing the cooking for you when you go out to dinner.  Your system will be installed properly and professionally by a licensed contractor with over 69 years in the industry. (Click here to see what happens after your purchase in detail)

Last but not least, you’ll have 100% Money Back Guarantee! (yup sounds pretty awesome, right?!)

This is only available to those who have shown an interest in our social media posts in the past because I want people who are serious and already have a solid belief that THEY DON”T WANT TO SUFFER THE HEAT ANYMORE. Unfortunately, with the heat in full force, installations and repairs, not to mention 3 kids, my time is very limited so I’ll only be offering this type of solution for this price to 10 people

(This is the Special Product Link)

If you’re interested just simply reply to this post with your name, number and a quick explanation of where you live and type of space you’d like to cool.

The will come to my personal inbox and we’ll be calling you directly to discuss all the logistics. Fair warning, the price of this type of solution is $1,999 for a basic installation 1 ton system… but in my opinion, it will be exponentially worth it and then some.  Plus other contractors sell the same type of system for over $4,000! That’s over 55% OFF…

Make 2020 your year to get Cool and Comfortable no excuses!

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