AC Service in Calexico, CA

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AC Service in Calexico, CA

Air Conditioning Guys’ AC Service in Calexico, CA can keep your families comfort all year round. Can extend the life of your system and protect your Warranty.

Keeping Your Home Cool With Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your AC Service in Calexico, CA is important as a resident, it’s crucial you make sure your air conditioning system isn’t an afterthought. Stay in tune with your system’s maintenance and AC Service and repair needs.

Being disciplined about AC maintenance isn’t just good for when the next big heat wave rolls in. It’s a great way to protect your family’s comfort and your budget. That’s because your AC system’s efficiency is greatly dependent on annual maintenance and tune-ups. Plus, you’ll be happy to learn that the cost of a tune-up is often less than the energy cost of running an inefficient central air conditioning system.

  1. Lower your Energy Consumption
  2. Extend the Life of the parts and compressor
  3. Get ready for Summer or warmer weather
  4. Protect your warranties
  5. Prevent Premature Breakdowns
Preventative Maintenance Agreement with Air Conditioning Guys

Make Sure Your Unit Will Beat the Heat in Calexico, CA

Your AC Service in Calexico, CA can help. You can count on the AC Guys’ team to keep your unit well cared for through our regular tune-ups and AC maintenance service. From fixing faulty parts to charging refrigerant, our factory-trained technicians will provide your air conditioner with the royal maintenance treatment it needs to operate at optimum performance and efficiency. This, in turn, ensures the longevity of your system, saves you money on operational costs and keeps repair bills to a minimum.  Get your AC Service in Calexico, CA today!

Our factory-trained technicians are experts in tuning up or repairing your cooling system to meet your home comfort needs. With AC Guys use of upfront, flat-rate pricing, you will never be surprised by a service bill.

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AC GUYS’ 15-Point AC Service

  1. Clean or replace standard 1” filter / clean return air grill if accessible (homeowner must supply filter)
    Protects system components and improves air quality
  2. Check Freon pressures and levels
    Ensures your system efficiency is accurate
  3. Inspect electrical wiring and connections
    Ensures safe and correct electrical current draws
  4. Visually inspect the condensate drain and pump
    Protects your home from potential water damage and protects system operation
  5. Check operation of thermostat / replace batteries
    Confirms proper programming which saves energy
  6. Inspect contactor for pits and burns
    Prevents any cooling system failures
  7. Check fan blades for cracks and defects
    Protects system operation and can help reduce unwanted noise
  8. Inspect and lubricate fan motor if required
    Maintains fan motor operation and noise reduction
  9. Check amp draw on compressor
    Protects “the heart of the system” and ensures correct operation
  10. Inspect drain safety overflow switch if present
    Prevents water leaks and flooding
  11. Check insulation on Freon lines at coil and condenser
    Protects the line set and aides in total system operation
  12. Inspect indoor coil for visible leaks
    Reduces the likelihood of system failure and reduced efficiency
  13. Check any additional indoor air quality devices
    Keeps your home healthy and reduces dust
  14. Open Registers
    Keeps the air flow consistent and pressures in line.
  15. History
    Your home’s visits and history is kept electronically so we always know what happened.

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