DO you have that 1 room that just won’t stay warm in the winter season?

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DO you have that 1 room that just won't stay warm in the winter season?

Having a particular space in your home that won’t stay warm is a common complaint we hear. This is usually a bedroom or basement. Sometimes it’s even the living room. 

The issue in a lot of these cases is that the current system is doing the trick everywhere else in the house, but this one space won’t stay comfortable. We have the solution: Ductless Mini Splits! 

Ductless systems can be installed and used all year round. Get rid of space heaters in the winter and window AC units in the summer. Here are 5 reasons a ductless unit may be a perfect fit to fix those heating issues…  

  1. Don’t Require Ducts – Just like the name eludes to, ductless heating and cooling systems don’t use vents. There is a condenser outside, and small tubes are run into the house to get to the units. This is perfect for a home that doesn’t have a ton of space available, and is FAR less invasive.
  2. Extremely Energy Efficient (Save Money On Bills) – Ductless technology prides itself on being extremely energy efficient. With growing concern for the environment, companies are always trying to create new technology that uses less energy and makes less of an impact on the environment.
Heat Pump Heating System 

This ALSO saves you money in energy bills. This energy efficiency will lead you to spending less in energy bills. This is a great benefit if you’ve been using space heaters, or turning your heat up to compensate for a problem area. 

  1. Zoned Cooling And Heating – Ductless units work independently of each other. This means that if one is on in the kitchen, the units in the bedrooms don’t have to be on. A traditional system usually doesn’t offer this option. If you want to heat or cool your home with a central system, the whole home is the same temperature, no matter what rooms you are or are not using.

    Zoned heating and cooling allows for different temperatures in different rooms. If you want your living room at 67 degrees, but someone in the kitchen likes it at 70, both can have their way as long as each room has a unit. This is a huge help when it comes to people disagreeing on temperatures. You can put that thermostat fight to rest once and for all!

  1. Very Quiet – Traditional systems and window units are noisy. They kick on and off, and it can become frustrating, especially while you are trying to sleep or watching tv. Ductless units are whisper quiet, leaving you feeling comfortable without all the extra noise. 
  2. Perfect Supplement – As we’ve been saying all along, sometimes your current system is fine, but it may not comfort a particular room or floor. Or maybe you’ve put an addition on your home you’d like heated and cooled. We’ve even helped someone turn their garage into a master bedroom after they couldn’t get up and down the steps anymore.

The point is, you don’t always have to completely replace your old system. Sometimes adding a ductless unit to a problem area can keep your space comfortable, take stress off your current system, and lower your energy bills, because your original system isn’t working overtime to compensate. 

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