Annual AC Service-Early bird


Early Bird Annual A/C Service Preventative Maintenance of your Air Conditioning Package, Split System or Ductless Mini Split system is an important Service in order to keep your warranty active, your system from failing prematurely and to extend the life of your system. mantenimiento de aire acondicionado servicio de aire


ANNUAL AC Service Early bird


Remember you can prevent premature failures of your air conditioning, ductless mini split or heating systems by performing your  Annual AC Service.

  • Clean Exterior Condensing Coil with professional grade oil and dirt removal solvent (eco-Friendly)
  • Clean Primary and Secondary Drains
  • Check Operation Pressures to make sure it is within Manufacturers Specifications
  • Check Amperage and Electrical Draw on Capacitor
  • Check Amperage and Electrical Draw on Contactor
  • Check Amperage and Electrical Draw on Motor
  • Tighten all Loose electrical Connections
  • Check Thermostat for operation in Cooling Cycle or Heating Cycle
  • Check Filter (if not clean will be removed for customer to replace)
  • Filter Placement if Customer Provides

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